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SF Integral Therapy Individual and Couples
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Welcome, and thank you for visiting. You have many option online, and so I am pleased you have arrived here at my door. This website is intended to share with you my passion for the work and how I can support you.


Therapy often starts with suffering or a problem, and that's ok because this problem allows for you to enter into a process of discovering what is important in your life, how you are changing, what you are wanting, what hurts you, and what holds you back.  Through our relationship in therapy, I want to give you a rare and engaging experience of being able to enter into a rich and explorative process focused on you. Therapy is not always easy and requires courage, but it is my experience that the most committed to the process make the most contact with the life they want to live. In the process of therapy, I see my role as a companion, guide, and skillful facilitator for you to do the work of feeling whole and of being well.


I am a trained integral therapist, which means I take a unique and modern approach to my work, one that recognizes the interrelationships among mind, body, and spirit. In short, that means I value your whole human experience. My style as a therapist involves being open, genuinely curious, nonjudgmental, and real. Furthermore, as a mixed race individual from a highly diverse family and community, I am passionate about being well educated on topics of diversity. I am incredibly blessed to have a highly diverse practice and I invite dialog on topics of gender, race, ableism, culture, class, and sexuality. In short, I am committed to offering you a safe place to explore whatever is appearing in your life.


These are some issues I often work with in therapy:

Anxiety & Stress

Dissastisfaction with Life & Loneliness

Traumatic Experience

Relationship Problems (Communication, Sex, Money, Betrayal)

Mixed Race Identity

Sexual Identity

Multicultural Issues

Grief (Death, Loss, Change)

Spiritual Emergence & Integration

Cultivating Intuition


I tuly love my job. I am deeply grateful to be able to do this work and wholeheartedly committed to the process. The following pages are meant to provide you with more information about me and my work. With that said, however, the best way to know if what I offer is of value to you is to come in for an initial appointment. Call, email, or text me to schedule an initial appointment:  

A Process You Can Trust

Integral Therapy=Mind+Body+Spirit          

"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourself comes when life seems most challenging."

-Joseph Campbell


Online Therapy for Meaning and Change

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